Does Your Home Have Electrical Safety Hazards?

Does Your Home Have Electrical Safety Hazards?

Schedule an electrical safety inspection in Greensburg & Indiana, PA

If your home's electrical features aren't up to code, you may be putting your family's safety at risk. Older homes, especially those with aluminum wiring, need electrical safety inspections to verify that the electrical features were installed property.

BK Electrical & Remodeling, LLC offers electrical safety inspections for older homes in the area. We'll check that your home's electrical connections and wiring were safely installed and are running properly. Choose a trusted electrician in Greensburg & Indiana, PA, and call 724-468-3581 to schedule your electrical safety inspection today.

Check the safety of your home's electrical features

An old home electrical inspection includes taking a close look at all of the electrical features. Our electrician will inspect your home’s:

  • Electrical outlets
  • Electrical switches
  • Electrical fixtures
  • Electrical panels

Typically, a home inspector will write in the report that your home has aluminum wiring. If you live in an older Greensburg & Indiana, PA home or one with aluminum wiring, contact BK Electrical & Remodeling today to schedule an electrical safety inspection.